Robert G. McClaran - Fire Chief

Protecting Families And Property Since 1951​​​​​​​​​​


Nankin - Orange Township Fire Department operates an EMS services which covers approximately 38 square miles. This service is managed with First Responders, EMT's, Avanced EMT's and Paramedics

Nankin EMS boarders Clearcreek Township and Jackson Township and continually offers mutual aid with these adjacent Fire Deparments as well as Sullivan Township and the City of Ashland.

  1. Managing Director

Nankin Fire Dept would like to thank the Slocum Family, for their generous donation to the department. The Slocum's residence previously been damaged by a fire.
A precious family member, their dog Millie had sadly had died in the fire.

Two family pets were found and survived by fire dept personnel, but  two other pets also perished. The family's gererous donation of a "Wag'n" Pet Oxygen Kit, will be a Great asset to the Nankin Fire Dept and thanks from all our personnel and the community.

7 County area Fire Departments were equiped with a LUCAS  CPR assist tool, from a generous donation given by University Hospitals and the Samaritan Foundation for each squad Thank You!!!!